Year 4 Kingswood Residential - April 2020

Yr4 Residential Update – Since early March we have been pushing for the trip to be refunded and to be allowed to book a future date for those who would still like to attend. Unfortunately, the company have not been too helpful and are yet to refund the money. The Collegiate Trust are supporting us in our request to have the money returned. We will continue to push to have the money refunded. This was their latest response to us: 

‘As we referenced in our first email, it is pretty challenging for everyone here at Kingswood as we are being inundated with emails. As I am sure you can appreciate, a business of our nature, indeed our industry, has been left very vulnerable by the government’s decision to close schools and restrict travel meaning you are unable to attend your trip, and regrettably this will result in some of our industry colleagues having to close their doors. This is primarily due to the fact that they will not be able to pay their staff or their suppliers because they have lost all their revenue.

However, we have been working tirelessly to create a solution for you and will be in touch soon to discuss them in more detail.’

Trip information

All places are now booked. The waiting list is now closed. 
Venue: Kingswood – Grosvenor Hall, Kennington, Ashford, Kent

Dates: 22nd – 24th April 2020


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for your child to attend the Year 4 Residential next April. This residential will be to Grosvenor Hall, which is approximately 90 minutes away. The centre is run by the Kingswood residential company – please click on the logo above to be taken to their website. It will be a three day, two night activity, residential break that will support the element of outdoor activities that are within the National Curriculum and will link to school based learning.

We know that not all children will wish to attend and the school cannot afford to lose money on unfilled places so we have therefore only booked 60 spaces (one full coachload). To secure a place on this exciting school journey, we ask for a £50 non-returnable deposit, to be paid via ParentPay accounts by 11th July 2019. Payment online will be considered as consent being given and an agreement to pay the full cost before departure. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, according to when deposits of £50 are paid.

All payments will be made online (details of this are available on the school website). The payment schedule is below. We ask that you keep to the payment schedule because the school has also to pay the company in instalments and we cannot afford to cover a shortfall.

Now the advertised date to withdraw from the trip has past, the school will not be able to return any money that has been paid by parents or carers.

  • Medical Form and Kit List was sent home Wednesday 5th February. The medical form must be returned by Friday 20th March 2020
  • Parent Briefing – Tuesday 24th March 3.10pm

Payment information

11th July 2019
– 1st Payment (deposit) = £50 – OVERDUE

18th October 2019 – 2nd payment = £45 – OVERDUE

7th February 2020 – 3rd payment = £35 – OVERDUE

20th March 2020 – 4th payment = £35

Total £165

Letters and forms