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Gossops Green Primary School
Designated Safeguarding Members of Staff

Safeguarding Information

The Designated Safeguarding Leader at this school is the Headteacher, Mrs P. Farrelly. Please report any concerns directly to her.
All staff who deal with children have a very clear duty to report any concern they may have about any child’s well-being.  There are well-established national procedures for dealing with such a situation.  All staff, governors and visiting instructors have been cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service as having no record which would prevent them from working with children.  The Headteacher is the Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL) at Gossops Green Primary School. The Deputy Head (Mrs S Dunne) Assistant Head (Mr M Warwick) Senco (Mrs C Humphrey) Assessment Leader (Mrs D.Bullen are also fully trained Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leaders. If a child is subject to a court order, then parents or carers must make that known to the Headteacher.

Safeguarding Contact Information

To contact the school about a safeguarding or child protection concern, please use the email address below -

Should you be unable to report concerns to the DSL team at school, here is the link for the West Sussex Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub  (MASH)  where you can report any safeguarding concerns;

One source of information to help parents and pupils are resources produced by the Home Office and the Government Equalities Office, called Disrespect Nobody. If you click on the logo below, there is a list of helplines that could be useful for both children and/or parents and carers.



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