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School Values and Aims

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  • School's Vision

    School's Vision

    Keeping it REAL!

    R espect
    E njoy
    A chieve
    L earn

    The children who go to Gossops Green
    to hear the poem - click on the link and then open the download

  • School's Charter

    Always be safe
    and sensible

      Be kind to others

    Care for our school

      Do our Best
  • Rights Respecting Schools' (RRS)

    Linked to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    • All children have 54 rights. 
    • All members of the school community are expected to respect these rights. 

Growth Mindset

At Gossops Green Primary, we do not believe that intelligence is fixed. Furthermore, we believe that labelling children by ‘ability’ places a cap on expectations and is damaging to self-esteem. In planning, we use the following shorthand:

ExL = Excelling learners
HA = Higher achievers
MA = Middle achievers
LA = Lower achievers

We use mixed attainment groups by default, but this does not mean that a group cannot be segregated for a ‘one off’ input following assessment for learning (AfL).

We remove barriers to ‘growth mindset’ so that children:

  • recognise that intelligence can continually be improved through effort
  • thrive on challenge
  • throw themselves into difficult tasks
  • are self-confident
  • ignore the sometimes lower aspirations of those in the world around them
  • react to failure by trying harder
  • engage in self-monitoring
  • have learning goals
  • like feedback on their performance so they can improve
  • are not driven by rewards but by the intrinsic worth of the learning task
  • value process over product (it is the learning that matters)


    At Gossops Green, we aim to create high level independent and collaborative thinkers and learners. At the heart of our teaching and the children’s learning are our learning attitudes. These are explicitly taught by the teacher and learned and applied by the children. Research (Hattie, 2011) shows that this high level of metacognition has significant impact on learning progress.

  • I have a go (Terrier)
               I am always willing to give it a go even when I am not completely sure as to what to do or what will happen. The most important thing is just getting started.
  • I learn with others (Migrating Geese)
               I am part of a whole learning community and I know that I can often learn more with others. I also know when it is good to take time to think and work alone.
  • I ask questions (Owl)
               I ask questions to find things out and to explore ideas so I understand things more deeply. I am persistent.
  • I challenge myself (Bee)
               I reflect on my learning and make sure I always follow the next best steps to improve. I know that I should always challenge myself because that is when I learn. I am aware of my goals and what I need to do to achieve them.
  • I don’t give up (Tortoise)
               I know I can learn from my mistakes. I try new strategies. I know how and when to get help from others. I will keep going until I have done my best. I am able to ‘hang in’ with learning even though for a while I may feel confused and even anxious. I am resilient.
  • I use my imagination (Unicorn)
               I play with ideas and look at things differently even when I don’t quite know where my thoughts are leading.
  • I make links (Spider)
               I make links between what we experience or learn in school and also what I experience and learn outside school.

Designer: Billy Jazz Hills Stickley

  The school is extremely grateful to Billy for the free artwork he created of our metacognition animals which are displayed all around the school. Billy is an illustrator, graphic designer, video game creator and app designer from near Purley. From an early age he was embracing his passion for creativity through doodling and drawing. From monsters in video games to heroes in comic books, little did he know that he’d get to do that for a living!
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