Freshly Cooked School Meals

Children who are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 or who are entitled to free school meals will automatically have their accounts charged.  In addition, to order a meal for £2.25 per day, you need to complete the order form below, by the previous Thursday at the latest, so that children can be provided with a meal of their choice. It is hoped that most children will make the most of this opportunity. Healthy eating is promoted strongly.

There are three options for a lunchtime meal, two provided by the school and one provided from home.

Options Provided by the School

The menu for hot and cold meals prepared in school is rotated every three weeks.  The current menus are below and a salad bar is available every day as well.  To order, you will need to fill out the relevant form on ParentPay, by the previous Thursday at the latest. Parents may also take advantage of this service when their child requires a packed lunch for an educational visit.

*Please note that we are no longer able to offer halal meat so, if this is required, then a vegetarian option should be ordered. 

School Dinner Menu and Packed Lunch Options

Click here for the hot dinner menu.  The packed lunch options are here. If you would like to order from the menu please use ParentPay.

The Food Standards Compliance Menu Certificate 2018 is here and the Food Standards Compliance packed lunches Certificate Spring 2018 is here.

The kitchen also runs themed lunch days. Please order meals on these days using ParentPay in the normal way. 

Packed Lunch from home

Your child may bring a packed lunch from home into school.  Please do not include sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks in packed lunches and there are no cooling facilities for the packed lunches so please include a ‘freezer pack’ in the lunchbox if necessary.   Children are not allowed to swap things from their lunch boxes or give each other food. 

West Sussex is a ‘nut free authority’. Please do not include nuts (including peanut butter)as these are extremely dangerous for some children and members of staff. 

Lunchtime supervisors oversee pupils eating lunch and will report any concerns to the class teacher e.g. children who do not seem to eat enough or do not appear to have a balanced diet. These concerns will then be reported to parents or carers.